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Bill's Freeware
These first three categories list Windows-based freeware programs that I've written, and which you may find useful. If you use any of these programs, I'd appreciate your positive or negative feedback regarding features, functionality, usefulness, etc. Clicking on the links below will download the software.
Miscellaneous PC Programs:
string-search-counter: searches text files, with output to a separate file (version 2.2, 02/2004).
no-dups: sorts text files and eliminates duplicate lines, with output to separate files (version 2.3, 04/2005).
movelatr-runner: GUI front-end to Bitsum Technologies' "MoveLater" program (version 1.3, 02/2005).
abyss-restarter: shuts down and restarts Aprelium's "Abyss" web server, and changes its log data to monthly or daily files (after optionally removing your own IP entries) (version 2.06, 04/2006).
ip-line-deleter: deletes lines from web-server logs based on the IP address(es) of requesters (version 1.2, 03/2006).
end-of-log-checker: shows the date and time of your most recent web-server log entry (optionally ignoring your own IP address entries) via a float-over system-tray tooltip (version 2.3, 05/2005).
log-analyzer-runner: runs web-server log reports after optionally removing your own IP entries (version 1.2, 03/2006).
get-scripts-ip-finder: extracts unique IPs from web-server logs based on target text (e.g., hack attempts) (version 1.1, 02/2004).
factors: calculates the factors and properties (prime, highly composite, etc.) of an integer (up to c. two billion) (version 1.3, 07/2010).
ssan-calculator: calculates total Social Security payments by age, based on starting payments at ages 62, 66, and 70 (version 1.0, 12/2005).
temp-deleter: deletes extraneous files in your "temp" directory at startup (version 1.0, 09/2000).
load-timer: shows the time it takes for a specified program to generate a specified window, e.g., its load time (version 1.0, 08/2010).
numlock-setter: makes sure your Numlock key is turned on at startup (version 1.0, 11/2001).
Oracle Programs:
ora-text: UNIX's "oerr ora" equivalent for Windows (version 1.3, 01/2002).
create-sql: reverse-engineers Oracle tables, indexes, synonyms, and constraints into "create table..." (etc.) SQL scripts (versions 1.0 - 1.1, 01/2003).
foreign-keys: recurses through foreign-key relationships in Oracle, with output to a text file or web page (version 2.1, 02/2004).
dot-ora-files-replacer: replaces all copies of TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA with (known, good) designated target files (version 2.3, 07/2005).
partition-assistant: scans existing data and calculates N boundaries for evenly (re-)partitioning a table (version 1.1, 10/2003).
Unisys A-Series Programs:
filedata-reformatter: reformats downloaded SYSTEM/FILEDATA output as TXT files, with file names (and attributes selected) appearing on single lines and page headings eliminated (version 1.3, 11/2003).
database-monitor: free and improved replacement for SYSTEM/DMMONITOR allows sending "Visible DBS" commands, via CANDE or an ODT, and control of multi-page responses (version 2.0, 08/2003).
Other Recommended Freeware
These are programs written by other folks, ones that we use regularly and assert are all superbly written and easily the equal of or superior to their freeware peers and commercial counterparts (if any). Clicking on the links below will open new pages to the respective authors' sites.

As always with freeware, keep an eye out for the inclusion of extra, unwanted, add-ons, such as browser search toolbars. Being able to exclude such software may entail checking "Advanced" or "Custom" options during installations of these downloaded programs.

Text Editors and Utilities:
NoteTab Light: an excellent ASCII editor, with lots of features (which don't get in your way); includes line sorting and blank trimming.
EditPad Lite: another excellent text editor; very fast for opening very large files, and supports column cut-and-pasting.
PDF-XChange Editor: a system-wide replacement for Adobe Reader; it opens PDF files much faster than Adobe, especially inside of web browsers.
PDF Shaper: a collection of PDF file utilities, including a rare free PDF-merger applet.
ExamDiff: shows differences between two text files.
Yankee Clipper III: a Windows clipboard manager, boilerplate saver, etc.
PureText: removes all formatting codes from the current clipboard text, and then optionally pastes it.
Miscellaneous Apps:
POP Peeper: a system-tray app that periodically checks for new mail in web-based email systems such as Gmail, and lets you read and delete messages, as well, without opening a browser.
Xteq Explorer LaunchPad: a quick way to open Explorer in pre-defined directories.
Agent Ransack: a replacement for the context-menu Search function in Explorer (which built-in function definitely has bugs in XP).
Clickie: adds single-click "Copy Path Name" and "Open MS-DOS prompt" to Explorer context-menu choices.
MD Folder: adds "New Folder" creation dialog to context-menu choices (not for Vista or later systems).
Stickies: adds Post-it? style notes to your screen, without a lot of fuss in doing so.
Convert: a superb unit-of-measurement conversion program.
ESBCalc: a scientific calculator, including a "paper" trail (that can be saved as a file) and clipboard usage.
Mortgage Calc Plus: a mortgage payment (and standard) calculator, including total interest, payment schedules, etc.
StarCalc: an excellent astronomy program.
MWSnap: a simple to use screen-capture utility, including the ability to add mouse pointers and generate transparent GIFs.
Useful for Web Work:
Easy Thumbnails: creates image thumbnails, an entire directory at a time, and generates an HTML template.
jAlbum: as above, and generates assorted HTML templates.
FastStone Image Viewer: an excellent image browser with a fast full-screen viewing mode, and a good collection of image editing tools (including quick resizing).
Absolute HTML Compressor: removes "white space" from HTML documents (an entire directory at a time, if you like).
Xenu's Link Sleuth: checks a site's hyperlinks for validity.
WebMon: periodically checks web pages and alerts you (and optionally runs programs) when they've changed.
View Source Editor: lets you easily specify the editor to be used when performing the "View Source" function in IE-based browsers.
LastPass: saves userIDs and passwords, etc., and pre-fills and sends them when using most common browsers.
FileZilla: an Explorer-like FTP program.
ZoneEdit: dynamic DNS and e-mail redirection services.
Abyss Web Server: a robust and easy-to-configure personal web server.
WebLog Expert Lite: a very good log reporter (and easy to configure).
System and Security Apps:
System Scheduler: a task-scheduling (and optional keystroke-sending) program, for those versions of Windows that don't have schedulers... and quicker and easier to load and use for those that do.
Inno Setup: a program that generates a program for installing programs and files.
Process Explorer: shows running processes and their threads, including process start times ("Properties") and path names.
MoveLater: lets you rename or delete files that are always in use (and see my front-end program, above).
GiPo@MoveOnBoot: lets you delete in-use files, and integrates into Explorer's context menu.
PageDefrag: defragments the system paging file and Registry hives at startup (not for Vista or later systems).
Process Tamer: automatically lowers (and later restores, as appropriate) the priority of processes that start using too much of available CPU resources.
Autoruns: shows you in complete detail what programs run at startup, and lets you delete or suspend their running.
Secunia PSI: tells you which of your mainstream and operating system files are outdated and subject to security breaches, and provides download links for new versions; an extremely useful and well-written program.
FileHippo Update Checker: a program-update checker like Secunia, perhaps not as thorough but much easier and quicker to run.
ZoneAlarm: a better firewall than the one that comes with Microsoft operating systems.
Comodo Firewall: another very good firewall.
Comodo Antivirus: a very good antivirus program, if you don't want to use Microsoft Security Essentials.
Spybot Search & Destroy: an excellent spyware-removal program.
Eric L. Howes: a list of "Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites"; it's outdated, but it gives you the idea that you can't trust all products.
Trend Micro's HouseCall: a very good on-line anti-virus scanner.
Steve Gibson Research: assorted programs to test and great write-ups that explain the vulnerability of your PC to attacks.

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